What Your Eyes Say About Your Health

We often associate smoking with lung function and makeup application with skincare. But both of these common habits are among some of the surprising ways in which we may inadvertently impact our eye health, says one Ottawa based Optometrist. Smoking has a number of negative effects on the eyes and things such as not washing off eye makeup or

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How To Take Care Of Your Eyes If You Work In An Office

During the course of the COVID-19 lockdowns, the Ottawa job market, like many across the country, took a huge hit. Our region has rebounded however, and we officially employ more people now, than what was recorded before the shutdown in February 2020. With more people at work now than ever before, we have a new health concern; protecting our eyes

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What Is Blue Light?

Several of us in the Ottawa region (even those who already worked consistently at a computer) are now being subjected to even more blue light. Even kids are now exposed to larger amounts of blue light. School was once taught in person, but for some, will still be online this fall. Physical books are quickly being replaced by tablets. Playing

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How Do Screens Affect Your Vision

During the past year, all of North America increased their amount of time online and therefore, in front of a screen. Here in the Ottawa region many of us, including our kids, doubled, even tripled time spent in front of a computer or TV. This article will explore how screens affect your vision as well as offer solutions for the

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Here Are Good Habits To Protect Your Vision

It’s true; many people don’t start worrying about their eye health, until there’s a problem. Unfortunately, it can be very easy to take our vision for granted. The fact that you’re taking the time to learn about good habits to protect your vision, is a good sign though. Even with some of the most common eye conditions, such as Macular

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What You Should Know About Eye Floaters

You’ve probably experienced “eye floaters” before; those dark squiggly lines in your field of vision. Everybody gets them, usually while looking out the window on a sunny day, or while working on a computer. This article will explore everything there is to know about eye floaters, including why you’re seeing them, and if you need to worry. WHAT IS AN

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