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    Transitioning to Contact Lenses

    Did you know that an eyeglass prescription is no substitute for a contact lens prescription? In fact, the two are very different. An eyeglass prescription measures for lenses that are positioned in a frame in front of your eyes. A contact lens prescription measures for lenses that sit directly on the surface of the eye. Furthermore, an improperly fitting contact lens can damage the health of your eyes.

    Our team fits the most recent and advanced contact lens technologies, including those for astigmatism and multifocal options. No matter what your needs, we’ll help you transition to your new contact lenses. Let Ottawa-based Rideau Optometric take care of your vision today.

    Contact lenses come in different shapes and sizes. This is why it is important to have an optometrist properly fit contact lenses. Whether you want contact lenses for everyday wear, occasional wear for special events or sports, or even if you want to enhance the colour of your eyes, your optometrist can help you determine the best option at a contact lens fitting! Ready to transition to contact lens wear?

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    To use this form, you must already purchase your contacts from Rideau Optometric, and have an up-to-date prescription on file. If you’re picking up your order, you will be contacted when they are ready. Otherwise, we will ship them out once they arrive. Though we carry many contact lenses in stock, some brands and prescriptions must be ordered in and are usually received within a week.

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