Here Are Ways You Can Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Taking our eyes for granted is so easy, perhaps you can relate; when I was a kid, my Mom would constantly say to me “eat your carrots, they’re good for your eyes” or “don’t sit so close to the tv”, and “don’t read in the dark, it’s hard on your eyes”. If I had known then what I know now…

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What Are The 3 Types Of Colour Blindness?

Colour blindness means a person sees colour differently than most. The condition can make it hard to see the difference between certain colours. Often hereditary, there is no cure. There are however special glasses and even contact lenses that can help. Most people are able to adjust to their colour blindness, so it doesn’t cause problems with everyday living.

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Here are 5 Myths About Cataracts

Most of us are used to clear vision when we’re young but as we age, that clear lens we see through, that focuses light behind the pupil becomes cloudy and a little yellowish. This is because our body is able to replace dying cells more quickly when we’re young. Many people believe that cataracts grow on your eyes, that they

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What Is The Difference Between An Eye Exam and Eyesight Test

Some optical stores offer eyesight tests, often using automated machinery. This has raised some questions about eyesight tests vs eye exams, including which one a patient needs. This article will explain the difference, so you know which is right for you. WHO’S PERFORMING THE TEST? Most eyesight tests are performed by a computer. Accuracy is limited, as is the

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When Should Children Get Eye Exams?

An eye exam is an expert assessment of your eyes health and vision, performed by an  Ophthalmologist (MD) or an Optometrist (OD). Exams are important at all stages of our lives, but especially for kids. Your child’s pediatrician will provide brief examinations, but without the advanced training and clinical tools, they’re unable to find the deficiencies or potential problems that

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What Are The 5 Most Common Eye Conditions

The eye is a complex organ. Consisting of the cornea, tear ducts, optic nerve, lens, retina, iris and pupil; with so many working parts, it's understandable that many things can go wrong, especially as we age. Below are the top 5 eye conditions we experience, especially living here in Ottawa.   1. REFRACTIVE ERRORS The National Eye Institute tells

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