How to Prepare for Your Eye Exam

At Rideau Optometric, we want you to have a good appointment every time. Here, we outline what to do before and during your appointment so that you do not have to wait too long for your appointments.

  • Booking your appointment: To book a regular eye exam, you must answer a few questions to help our staff determine which type of appointment you need and how much your visit will cost. If you are calling us with any ocular health concerns, please describe any vision symptoms you may have (such as which eye, what you are experiencing, how long it has been going on). Appointments can be made by phone, through our online booking system or on our book an appointment page.
  • Before your appointment: Bring your eyeglasses and a list of your medications to your appointment. Patients eligible for OHIP or private insurance coverage should always bring their cards to their appointments.
  • During your appointment: You can expect to spend 30-45 minutes with the optometrist. This will help your optometrist to evaluate both your vision and the health of your eyes.
Woman smiling and speaking on a cellphone